Inspired by the sound of recordings made with old tape (from mellotrons to the BBC radiophonic workshop), Tronsonic creates downloadable virtual instruments primarily for Native Instruments Kontakt 5 *, recorded in most cases with 1960s and 1970s tape recorders, vintage analogue equipment and high-end analogue to digital converters.

  The connection to the mellotron and other tape based keyboards (like the chamberlain and birotron) is that the samples share the same type of sonic characteristics, usually having been recorded to vintage, sometimes worn tape. Also containing various harmonic distortions, through the use of vintage valves and transformers, this combination of signal colouration adds a rich tonal quality and character to the samples, reacting extremely well to filtering and modulation. This imparts a potent analogue personality to your music, and a perfect contrast to some of today's cleaner, purer sounds.

Tronsonic has an impressive range of users, from Hollywood composers, A-list producers and stadium artists to bedroom geniuses.

* Some of our earlier libraries are compatible with Kontakt 4.2.2, and also Logic Pro's Exs24 sampler. Our samples are recorded in 44/24bit wav format, and work very nicely with other software too, such as Ableton Live or Camel Audio Alchemy

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